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Founding Members And Invited Members

Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary
Association (FASAVA)

Chairman: Dr Roger CLARKE
Website: www.fasava.org
Email: roger.bunvet@gmail.com


World Small Animal Veterinary Association

President: Dr Brian ROMBERG
Website: www.wsava.org
Email: brianrom@iafrica.com


FASAVA Founding members

Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ASAVA)

Email: asava@ava.com.au
President: Dr David Lee

Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association BJSAVA
Dr Louis Lui
Email: liulangbj@263.net

Hong Kong Veterinary Association (HKVA)

FASAVA representative: Dr Myriam Baranger-Ete
Website: www.hkva.org
Email: secretariat@medcom.com.hk

India - PPAM
Dr Umesh Karkare
Kalpana, Plot 338-12th Road, Madhupark, Khar West, Mumbai. 400 052. India
Tel: +912226483199/ +919820147546
Email: Umesh karkare

Korean Animal Hospital Association (KAHA)

Email: Junghee Yoon
Dr Junghee Yoon - representative

Mahidol University Post Graduate Foundation
Dr Parntep Ratarnakorn
Email: vsprt@mahidol.ac.th

Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association MSAVA
President: Dr Clement Anthony
Email: clemnt@streamyx.com

New Zealand Veterinary Association
New Zealand Companion Animal Society
Dr Sue Blaikie
Email: peachbeach@paradise.net.nz
Dr Vivienne Lintott - viv.auckland@xtra.co.nz


Dr Amie Babasa
Email: amiebabasa@yahoo.com

Shanghai Small Animal Veterinary Association

Dr Geoffrey Chen
Email: Geoffrey Chen

Singapore Veterinary Association SVA
Email: Singapore Veterinary Association

Small Animal Practitioners Association of SriLanka (SAPAS)

President and FASAVA Representative
Dr Chandrakanthi Athauda
Royal Vet Practice
24/2, Tickell Road,Colombo 8
Email: c.athauda@itmin.net

Taipei Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA)

President Dr Simon Yang
Dr Simon Yang

Thailand Veterinary Medical Association (by Royal Charter) (TVMA)

Dr Achariya Sailasuta
Email: Thailand VMA


Invited Members

Guangdong Small Animal Veterinary Association (GDSAVA)

President: Dr Huijun XIONG
Website: www.wsava.org/GDSAVA.htm
Email: hjxong977@sina.com

Japan Small Animal Veterinary Association (JSAVA)

Shiba JI Bldg. 5F
Shiba 2-5-7
Tokyo 105-0014
Tel: +81 3 5419 8465
Fax : +81 3 5419 8467
E-mail: jsavainfo@jsava.com
President: Dr Kyounosuke Matsubayashi

WSAVA Representative
Dr Akio Yasukawa
E-mail: the_laser_man@vets-surg.com

Malayasian Small Animal Veterinary Association (MSAVA)

P.O. Box 12697
50786 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 7846 1659
Fax: +603 7846 1659
E-mail: inquiry@msava.org / clemnt@streamyx.com / drgopimutiara@hotmail.com
Website: www.msava.org
President: Dr Clement Anthony

WSAVA Representative
Dr G. Gopinathan
Tel: +603 7846 1659
Fax: +603 7846 1659
E-mail: drgopimutiara@hotmail.com

Singapore Veterinary Association (SVA)

c/o Agri-Food and Veterinary
Authority 5 Maxwell Road
#03-00 MND Tower Block
Singapore 069110
Tel: + 65 325 7687
Fax:+ 65 220 6068
E-mail: sva@sva.org.sg
Website: www.sva.org.sg
President: Dr Ng Fook Kheong

WSAVA Representative
Dr Simon Quek
c/o Agri-Food and Veterinary
Authority 5 Maxwell Road
#03-00 MND Tower Block
Singapore 069110
Tel: + 65 325 7687
Fax:+ 65 220 6068
E-mail: sva@sva.org.sg

Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand (VPAT)

President: Siraya CHUNEKAMRAI
Website: www.vpathai.org
Email: info@vpathai.org


WSAVA Representative
Dr Umesh Karkare
Plot No. 338, 12th Road
Madhupark, Khar (West)
Mumbai, 400 052
Tel: +91 22 6483199
Fax: +91 22 6555605
E-mail: trixy@bom8.vsnl.net.in

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