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  Edition 5 September 2016  

Message from the President Dr Louis Liu




Louis Liu

Dearest FASAVA members: Greetings and Good day!

We have now held seven Congresses to date. As President of FASAVA I would like to show my appreciations to the previous Presidents and past and present Executive members for all their efforts. You have all done a great job to make these events successful!

During the past few years we have not only increased our knowledge but also made many great friendships that will last for many years and span many countries. Our FASAVA Congresses help all Veterinarians in the Asia-Pacific region to learn from each other. It has played a huge role in improving and balancing the level of small animal veterinary medicine and surgery in our region.

Next year's FASAVA Congress will be held on August 11-14th, 2017 on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. This congress will be held in conjunction with the World Veterinary Dental Congress.
I sincerely invite you to attend the FASAVA Congress in August 2017 in Australia. I look forward to seeing you there in beautiful Australia!

Dr Louis Liu
President of FASAVA
President Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association


Welcome to all our members in Australia, China ( Beijing, Shanghai, Guanzhou and Sichuan) Taiwan, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Philippines


FASAVA Malaysia Congress 2016

Go to fasava.org and see more photos of the Malaysia congress and also past congresses.

Go to fasava.org and see more photos of the Malaysia congress and also past congresses.


Next year's congress is to be held in Australia, Gold Coast
11-14 August 2017 and promises to be fantastic!

BOOK NOW. Remember, as a member of an Association,
that is a member of FASAVA, you get a discounted registration rate!

Registrations open in August 2016 and we very excited to be able to extend the offer we gave to the delegates at Kuala Lumpur to all members:

  • Full registration rate $790AUD
  • A chance to win a full registration and AUD$1000 towards travel expenses.
  • Free access to exclusive small animal veterinary webinars

For members to access this offer please join our mailing list at www.fasavacongress2017.com.au before the 30th June and we will send them a code to obtain the offers. Linda Skauge, Executive Officer, ASAVA will be in contact with you in the near future and can be contacted on (linda.skauge@ava.com.au) should you have any questions.

If your association is not a member of the FASAVA then ask your Executive committee to consider joining.

FASAVA Executive Meeting in KL 2016 April. Absent is Dr David Tan.

Dr Torrens Stone, Dr Amilan (MSAVA) Dr G Chen, Dr Anthony(MSAVA)

Dr Gopi ( MSAVA) Dr Clarke, Dr Liu, Dr Verhoek and Dr Retchford





News Update

  • Photo Album!
    Please visit FASAVA.org website regularly. We have added another page where you can see some of the Activities FASAVA has been up to this year and in past years.

  • Dr Matthew Retchford has just returned from a visit to Tokyo to liase with the JBVP/TVMA who are hosting FASAVA 2019. JBVP have a yearly congress in Tokyo that attracts between 4000-5000 delegates. The congress is very well run. FASAVA Tokyo 2019 will be fantastic!
  • If your association has congresses or conferences you would like to advertise to the wider community please send me (Matthew Retchford at macu63@live.com) a digital banner to post on the website.

  • Please advertise the website to all your members at every opportunity.


FASAVA General Assembly Meeting in Kuala Lumpur April 2016

Dr Torrens Stone( BJSAVA), Dr Jansen Ng (SVA) , Dr Ogawa (TokyoVMA), Dr Edgardo Unson (PAHA), Dr Chandrakanthi Athauda (SAPAS), Dr Guoping Yan, Dr Ramani Jairam (PPAM)

Dr Motoo Kobayashi (Tokyo VMA) Dr Clement Anthony (MSAVA), Dr Matthew Retchford( (Hon Treasurer) Dr Geoffery Chen (Shanghai),Dr Roger Clarke(Aust), Dr Pieter Verhoek(NZ),Dr Louis Liu( BJSAVA), Dr Veronica Leong (HKVA), Gopinathan(MSAVA) Dr David Tan (TVMA), Dr Amilan Sivagurunathan, (MSAVA), Dr Takuo Ishida (TokyoVMA)

Should you wish to contact anyone from the Executive below are our contact details.

Dr. Louis Lui:

President of BJSAVA
Room 318, No. A15 Anwai Beiyuan,
Chaoyang District, Beijing,
E-mail: 13901209182@139.com
Fax: (+8610)-84933613

Immediate Past President:
Dr Pieter Verhoek
Companion Animal Society [CAS] of New Zealand Veterinary Association [NZVA]
Tel: 0064 4 4710484

Hon. Secretary:
Dr. Gopinathan Gangadharan
Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary
Association (MSAVA)
PO BOX NO. 12697
50786, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
E-mail Address: drgopimutiara@hotmail.com

Hon. Treasurer:
Dr Matthew Retchford
Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association
Croydon Veterinary Clinic
167 Mt Dandenong Road
Croydon, Victoria. 3136
Tel 61-3-97244999
Fax 61-3-97244999
Email: clinic@croydonvet.com.au
Pers email macu63@live.com


Executive member
Dr Geoffrey Chen
c/o Peng Feng Pet Clinic
No. 148 Lianhua South Road
Minhang District
Shanghai, PRC
201100 Tel: +86 21 5481 3544
E-mail: 13916778778@163.com

Dr Roger Clarke
Past /Founder Chairman and Advisor:
Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association
Fosse Farm
106 Spring Valley Road,
Flowerdale Victoria., 3717
Phone+61 (0)357801331
email roger.bunvet@gmail.com

Executive members:
Dr David Tan
C/o TVMA Taiwan
Email: 19tvma@gmail.com


FASAVA -Hills Practice of the Year Award (Australasia region) for 2016

The FASAVA- Hills Award Practice of the Year

This year we are pleased to annonce that the Winner was:
Dr Zhenzeng (Jason) Shi

We had three very good candidates this year. Several renominated from last year. All were worthy candidates but Dr Shi was a stand out due to his contribution to teaching in China.

Once again we thank Hill's Pet Nutrition for their ongoing partnership with FASAVA in support of our organisation and the sponsorship of this award.



  • NEXT FASAVA General Assembly Meeting
    The FASAVA General Assembly will be held in Australia at FASAVA Congress 10th August 2017 on the Gold Coast. We hope to see you all there.

    Accordingly, If you are a FASAVA representative for your association please arrange to be on the Gold Coast, Australia for meeting on 10th August 2017

  • Executive Board meeting on August 9th 2017. Date and Time to be Confirmed.

  • Dr Simon Yang unfortunately has resigned from the Executive committee due to work load at home and is political aspirations to become Major of Taipei City. We wish him luck and hope that he remains In contact with the many friends he has made in FASAVA.

  • We welcome Dr David Tan, current President of the Taiwan Veterinary medical Association as new member of the FASAVA executive to replace Dr Simon Yang.

  • Our constitution continues to be a dynamic document. At this years general assembly we will be suggesting that we make a few changes to the current constitution so that we can increase the Executive to 7 members to give us more wide spread coverage of the Asian Pacific region. Although any changes to the constitution need to be ratified by the following executive meeting, expressions are interest will be called for at the meeting. So if you are interested in representing your country in future FASAVA meetings, please put your name forward.


Future FASAVA Congresses Planned

2017 Gold Coast , Australia. 11-14 August 2017


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