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Message from the President Dr Pieter Verhoek

Greetings again to all FASAVA members to e-zine newsletter, which we hope you will enjoy.

We have just celebrated the very successful conclusion of our 5th Congress in beautiful Beijing, China. Accolades need to go to Dr Louis Liu and the whole Conference Organising Committee that made the Congress in Beijing a huge success.

The Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association have been working for many years to make this the biggest congress ever held in Beijing - and it was! We heard from expert speakers from all over Asia and several from USA. We are now looking forward to Taipei in November 2015 and don't forget to put this in your diaries.

We continue to work on our constitution. This document is close to completion now. There are some minor issues that need to be sorted out and the document will be checked to ensure it is legally satisfactory. As an association we are continuing to evolve and this I just part of that evolving process. This document will then be translated in to several languages so that all members can access this document from the website.

I would like to thank all the country delegates who attended the FASAVA General Assembly in Beijing on May 12 2014. You all made a huge contribution to the day and your input on behalf of your member association was greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank all the members of the FASAVA executive for their tireless efforts throughout the year.

Best Wishes for 2014
Dr Pieter Verhoek
President FASAVA


Welcome to all our members in Australia, China ( Beijing and Shanghai) Taiwan, New Zealand, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Korea and the Philippines

We are very pleased to welcome the Guangzhou Veterinary Association as a new member. It was great to meet some of the team in Beijing.


FASAVA Taipei Congress 2015


Next year's congress is to be held in Taipei, Taiwan 2015 promises to be fantastic!

BOOK NOW. Remember as a member of an Association that is a member of FASAVA gets you discounted registration rate!

If your association is not a member of the FASAVA then ask your executive to consider joining.


News Update

  • Tokyo Veterinary Medical Association has successfully bid for 2019 Congress. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to visiting Tokyo in a few years' time.

  • The FASAVA Constitution continues to be updated. Once the latest update has been ratified it shall be translated in to several languages and placed on the Website.

  • All members are asked to take a look at the FASAVA.org website. This is your opportunity to advertise your conferences to other countries around the world.

  • If your association has congresses or conferences you would like to advertise to the wider community please send me a digital banner to post on the website.

  • Please advertise the website to all your members at every opportunity.


FASAVA Executives Meeting in Beijing May 2014

Dr Dong Yi( BJSAVA), Dr Clement Anthony( MSAVA), Dr Jason Shi (BJSAVA), Dr Matthew Retchford (Aust), Dr Geoffery Chen (Shanghai), Dr Mathias Maa (Beijing)

Dr Louis Liu( BJSAVA), Dr Roger Clarke(Aust), Dr Pieter Verhoek(NZ), Dr Kang Jong-il (South Korea) Dr Gopinathan(MSAVA)

Should you wish to contact anyone from the Executive below are our contact details.


Dr Pieter Verhoek

Companion Animal Society [CAS] of New Zealand veterinary Association [NZVA]
Tel: 0064 4 4710484

Past President:
Dr Jong-il Kang
Choonghyun Animal Hospital,
621 Nonhyun-ro, Kangnam-gu,
Seoul, KOREA
Tel. +82-2-549-7582,
Korean Animal Hospital Association -
Tel. +82-2-522-4722

President Elect:
Dr. Louis Lui
President of BJSAVA
Room 318, No. A15 Anwai Beiyuan,
Chaoyang District, Beijing,
E-mail: 13901209182@139.com
Fax: (+8610)-84933613

Hon. Secretary:
Dr. Gopinathan Gangadharan
Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association (MSAVA)
PO BOX NO. 12697
50786, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Email Address: drgopimutiara@hotmail.com


Hon. Treasurer:
Dr Matthew Retchford
Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association
Croydon Veterinary Clinic
167 Mt Dandenong Road
Croydon, Victoria. 3136
Tel 61-3-97244999
Fax 61-3-97244999
Email: clinic@croydonvet.com.au
Pers email macu63@live.com

Executive members:
Dr Geoffrey Chen
c/o Peng Feng Pet Clinic
No. 148 Lianhua South Road
Minhang District
Shanghai, PRC
201100 Tel: +86 21 5481 3544
E-mail: doctorgf@online.sh.cn

Dr Roger Clarke
Past /Founder Chairman and Advisor:
Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association
Bundoora Veterinary Clinic and Hospital
17 - 19 Plenty Road, Bundoora
P.O. Box 234, Bundoora
Victoria 3083 Australia
Telephone (03) 9467 2255
Fax (03) 9467 7369
email roger.bunvet@gmail.com

Executive members:
Dr Jason Shi
Beijing Agricultural University
E-Mail Ndvet2@hotmail.com


FASAVA -Hills Practice of the Year Award (Australasia region) for 2014

The FASAVA- Hills Award Practice of the Year

The recipient of this years Practice of the Year 2014 is Dr Sivaguranathan of Malaysia.

Dr Sivaguranathan established and is current chairman of Kuala Lumpur's Animal Medical Centre. Dr Sivaguranathan is a truly inspirational and worthy inaugural winner of the FASAVA Hills Award.

Dr. Sivagurunathan establishes a small animal private practice in 1972. Through his pioneering efforts to improve the image and standards of the profession, he took up the challenge to educate pet owners. Responding to the lack of care and welfare for pets in Malaysia, where pets were views as more a utility rather than a family companion he promoted responsible pet ownership. His dedication, drive, and the promotion of this philosophy have paved the way for major changes in the Malaysian veterinary industry. Very early in his career he had realised the importance of nutrition in health and wellbeing

Continued self improvement and education overseas has driven a passion to attain and provide excellence in veterinary practice. Realising the importance of an accurate diagnostic service, an in-house veterinary diagnostic lab was established in 1974. Development in the in house laboratory services lead to this hospital providing pathology services to outside clinics. In the 90's, the laboratory became a benchmark for its fast and efficient diagnostic services to various practices throughout Malaysia. Currently, AMC laboratory is recognised as the only IDEXX reference laboratory in Malaysia.

Through various appointments in government and non- government associations, Dr Sivagurunathan devoted his time and effort to introducing Veterinary Continuing Education into Malaysia and has himself lectured in Veterinary Science and Animal Welfare.

It is his early awareness and efforts in animal welfare advances in Malaysia that truly make Dr Sivaguranathan a most worthy recipient of this award.

Once again we thank Hill's Pet Nutrition for their ongoing partnership with FASAVA in support of our organisation and the sponsorship of this award.


Future FASAVA Congresses Planned

2015 Taiwan FASAVA Congress 19-22 November

2016 Malaysia FASAVA Congress 18th to 22nd April 2016



Conferences Around the Pacific Asia Region for 2014 - 2015




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